Automatic machine for making kebabs T-10T

Machine for making burgers M-1
14. December 2016.
Machine for making burgers with filler M-1P
14. December 2016.


Professional machine for making kebabs in the meat industry. Capacity is 10 kg per filling, with adjustable speed (up to 5,000 units/h) of standard filling mold. Possibility of choosing kebab dimensions (L-Ø) as well as number of units per mold (max 10 units). Operating pressure is 6 bar. Operating voltages are 220V>24V and 110V>24V. Compatible with all types of vacuum and clipping fillers. Machine is completely manufactured from materials designed for the food industry (polyamide-inox), simple for usage and maintenance. Guarantee period of 24 months for mechanical parts and 12 months for electronic parts with possibility of out of warranty service. User and safety manual is provided.